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5 Must Visit Grainger Market Hidden Gems

Home to some of the best hidden gem restaurants and shops in Newcastle, the Grainger Market is the city’s hub of character-filled independent businesses. Here’s some of our highlights...





Have you been to that dumpling place in the Grainger Market? You've more than likey been asked that question at least once when discussing city centre lunch options.


Well, we’re here to tell you the hype is real and you should get yourself there as soon as you can! The family owned take-out spot does the best Chinese dumplings in town, with great options for veggies and meat eaters alike. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth you’ve got to get one of their sweet buns too - they’re little clouds of deliciousness! 


Their lunch deals are stuff of legend and for as little as £5 you could be walking away with a selection of five dumplings and a bun. It’s authentic, great value for money and tasty - what more could you want?




One of the things we love the most about the Grainger Market is the abundance of history held within it’s mazy walkways. Businesses that have stood the test of time and served the people of Newcastle through thick and thin. Robinson’s Pet Store is one of those historic businesses.


Established in 1929 by Ernest Robinson, this family owned pet supply shop has called the Grainger Market home for over 90 years! Pioneers in their field, the Robinson family are credited with opening Britain's first self service pet store in 1955 and they’re still running the pet store to this day.


Currently run by third generation Nick Robinson and his wife Pauline, Robison’s is now Britain's longest established family pet store. Be sure to pop in and get your pet some scrumptious treats! 






Lovingly known by locals as the ‘Doc shop’, Scorpio Shoes has been providing the people of Newcastle with statement making footwear for years now. 


The iconic purple shop is best known for stocking an incredible collection of Dr Martens and a variety of out there footwear for all occasions.


Here's a fun fact for you, Scorpio was actually established in 1960, the same year DM’s launched their iconic 1460 boot - it was a match made in heaven! Ever since Scoprio has been the go-to for cultural renegades looking to assert their individually through head turning footwear. 




If you’re a bit of a TV and movie buffs like us then you’ll absolutely love Recent Relics! One of Newcastle’s longest running ‘geek shops’, Recent Relics is your own stop shop for all things geeky memorabilia. 


You’ll have to plan some time out of your day for this one, because despite its humble size, Recent Relics will have you mesmerised by the sheer amount of cool movie toys and trinkets they’ve got in their shop - it’s nostalgic bliss!


You can guarantee you’ll end up walking out with a 3ft Darth Vadar statue or an extra-detailed replica of the one ring to rule them all… and you won’t regret it one bit! Get your geek on!






Fancy getting your hands on some hand picked vintage garms at affordable prices? Look no further than The Yesterday Society Vintage Boutique! 


You may not associate The Grainger Market as the go-to place for trendy wardrobe upgrades, but this lovely little hidden gem changes all of that. The independent shop is packed to the rafters with one-off vintage and retro clothing pieces for men and women. 


The stock is updated daily so you never know what exciting unique items you’re going to find. You’ll be the envy of your friends when you rock up in that one of a kind jacket that you found here for an absolute bargain!


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