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2 Courses £10: Mannaza Korean Grill House

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Celebrate NE1 Restaurant Week this January at Mannaza! Enjoy 2 courses for only £10.

Japchae - Stir-Fried Glass Noodle with Onion and Vegetable (Beef/Vegetarian)
Mul-Mandu (6pcs) - Pan-Fried Chicken and Vegetable Dumplings Served with Soy Sauce
Pajeon - Seafood Pancake with Cocktail Muscles, Crab Sticks, Squid and Prawns Served with Soy Sauce
Ojingeo-Bokkeum - Stir-Fried Squid with Peppers and Onions in Spicy Sauce
Tteobokki - Rice Cake with Fish Cake in Spicy Sauce
Kkanpunggi - Deep Fried Chicken Served with Sweet and Chilli Sauce
Dalg Nalgea - (8pcs) Fried Sesame Chicken Wings
Terriyaki Tofu - (5pcs) - Deep Fried Blocks in Teriyaki Sauce
Mal-Dubu - (8pcs) - Steamed Tofu Blocks with Home-Made Sauce

Choice of Pork and Chicken Marinated with Korean Chilli Paste
Deungsim-Gui - (6pcs) Sliced Steak Served with BBQ Sauce
Bulgogi - Marinated Sliced Beef (200g)
Dwaeji-Bulgogi - Marinated Sliced Pork (200g)
Yangnyeomdak-Gui - Marinated Slicked Chicken (200g)
Samgyeopsal - (10pcs) - Sliced Pork Belly Served with Soybean Paste and Sesame Oil
Saeu-Gui - Fresh Prawns and Seasonal Vegetables
Yeon-Eo-Gui - Grilled Salmon Steak in Teriyaki Sauce
Dolsotbibimbap - Steamed Rice Topped with Vegetables in a Hot Stone Bowl Served with Spicy Korean Chilli Paste and with a choice of Beef, Pork, Chicken or Tofu
Kimchi Bokum Bap - Kimchi Fried Rice with Beef, Pork, Chicken or a Vegetarian Option
Bokum Bap - Fried Rice with Vegetables and Eggs and a Choice of Beef, Pork, Chicken or a Vegetarian Option
Korean Style Donburi - Grilled Meat and Vegetables Served over Rice with Beef, Pork or Chicken
Fried Udong Noodle - Beef/Pork/Chicken/Vegetarian
Udong Noodle Soup - with Seafood and Vegetables
Katsu Rice - Deep-Fried Meat Cutlet Served with Katsu Sauce, Salad and Rice and Either Pork or Chicken
Grilled Salmon Rice - Served with Teriyaki Sauce, Salad and Rice

Kimchi -Traditional Korean Fermented Cabbage
Oi-Sobagi - Pickled Cucumber
Beansprout-Namul - Seasoned Bean Sprouts
Spinach-Namui - Seasoned Spinach
Radish-Namui - Sliced Radish Seasoned with Chilli and Vinegar
Pa-Jeori - Seasoned Spring Onion with Chilli and Vinegar
Sangchu - Fresh Lettuce and Seasoned Soybean Paste
Gim - Dried Seaweed
Bap - Boiled Rice

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20th January - 26th January 2020

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Venue Details
The representation of authentic Korean cuisine is exclusively featured by Mannaza Korean Grill House in Newcastle.  At Mannaza, we are dedicated to bring you the notion of Healthy dietary which is originated from the ancient prehistoric triditio...


0191 232 7950


5-7 Taylors and Tanners Court

Opening Hours:

Monday 12 Noon - 10pm
Tuesday 12 Noon - 10pm
Wednesday 12 Noon - 10pm
Thursday 12 Noon - 10pm
Friday 12 Noon - 10pm
Saturday 12 Noon - 10pm
Sunday 12 Noon - 10pm


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2 Courses £10


Mannaza Korean Grill House

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