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£15.95 selection menu: El Coto

This offer has expired.


Tapas selection menus for 2 and 3 people, which include smaller size portions of our normal tapas dishes, and for 4 or more people. The selection menus are ideal for large parties and take the hassle out of worrying who ordered what. They are also great for those who can’t decide. You just choose which menu you’d like to go for and the dishes get delivered to your table!

£15.95 selection menu for 2 or 3 people


Valid from

19th September 2016 - 31st March 2017

Terms and Conditions

You receive one of each of the dishes on the selection menu for every 4 people. For example, if you order a selection menu for 12 people, you will receive three of each of the dishes on the menu. If your party isn’t an exact multiple of four, you will receive extra portions of some of the dishes. You always pay the price quoted per person, so if you choose the £14.95 menu for 4 people, you will pay 4 x £14.95. If there are any vegetarians in your party, you have two options: the vegetarians can either order individually from the tapas menu, or we can substitute some of the meat dishes in the selection menu for vegetarian dishes.

If for whatever reason one of the dishes in the selection menu is unavailable, we will send out an alternative dish of a similar price.

Venue Details
El Coto Newcastle has been open since April 2004 and is just a few minutes away from Eldon Square behind St James Park, ideal for hungry shoppers and for a pre or post match meal. The dark wood floors and wooden ceiling beams combined with a simple, rusti...


0191 261 0555

[email protected]


Leazes Park Road
21 Leazes Park Road

Opening Hours:

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£15.95 selection menu


El Coto

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