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Tiffany's, New Bridge Street

No building in Newcastle has played cupid to as many married couples, or caused as many divorces. It opened in 1925 as the Oxford Galleries and Geordies conducted their weekend mating rituals here for almost a century, but its heyday was as Tiffany's in the Seventies and the Eighties. Tiffs was packed each week with lusty lads and lasses, their passions inflamed by large quantities of lager and Babysham, and the irresistible stench of Brut. The club could get rowdy, but the velvet-jacketed bouncers were very enthusiastic about their work.

Some will recall the building as The Ritzy and |kon and others as Liquid Envy, as clubbing tastes changed in the Eighties and the Nineties and it followed suit. But it never wavered from its main purpose: to introduce men to women, single or married, throwing lots of loud music and alcohol into the mix. It was demolished in 2016 and student accommodation built on its site.