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Mayfair Ballroom, Newgate Street

This vast cavern beneath Newgate Street was one of Europe's most famous shrines to rock music, where over a thousand devotees gathered to worship every Friday night. There was a live band each week, and their presence was blessed by the likes of Pink Floyd, The Who and Led Zeppelin in the 1960s. The denim- clad masses worked themselves into a head-shaking frenzy in front of virtually every other rock god and goddess of note over the next four decades, from Black Sabbath to Nirvana.

The door policy was strict with a sign saying 'No Smart Clothes', which they had no problem enforcing with the regulars at The Mayfair. In the Eighties, a suitability dark and dank room in the club was the birthplace and incubator for Newcastle's Goth scene. The Mayfair Ballroom hosted Bingo, bands and balls on other nights, but it was a wrecker's ball that put an end to it in 1999. Around 5,000 people queued up on the last Friday to say farewell, and The Gate leisure complex now stands on the site.