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Julies - The Close


The Seventies was the golden age of the discotheque, and when Julie's opened on thew Quayside in 1974 it was pitched at the higher end of that market.
With a few Rum and Cokes on board, the punters could imagine themselves to be in London, New York, or LA, and a good few believed they were. It was popular with well-heeled and perma-tanned types of an uncertain age, and Newcastle United added to the razzmatazz, fielding almost an entire team in Julie's on Saturday nights. There are some hair-raising stories in the player's autobiographies about encounters with the local women and the place was fabulous fun for everyone. 

But it wasn't all medallions and chest hair at Julie's. The club earned a nationwide reputation in the 21st century for its soul and RnB nights under the stewardship of Rob Bogie and Wayne C McDonald. The Quayside drifts in and out of fashion and unfortunately its first nightclub bit the dust, but the premises were given a new lease of life when the cocktail bar Tiger Hornsby opened there in 2014.